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Clear Defense SPF 45 Clinical Study

SPF Head to Head Comparison

In a blind head to head comparison Dr Speron Clear Defense SPF 45 was evaluated by 19 individuals against three of the leading sunscreens and in all aspects beat the competition. Individuals were asked to rate the sunscreens for feel and wear characteristics. Although the competition was close, Dr Speron's came out on top.

  Dr Speron Clear Defense SPF 45 La Roche Posay SPF 60 Elta MD SPF 46 Elta MD SPF 30+
 Mineral Base Yes No Yes Yes
 Infrared Defense Yes No No No
 Environmental Defense Yes No No No
 Spreadability 1st  4th 2nd 3rd
 Low Whitening 1st  3rd 2nd 4th
Less Tackiness 1st  2nd 3rd 4th
 Absorption 1st  3rd 4th 2nd
Low Greasiness 1st  2nd 3rd 4th
Skin Moisturization 1st  4th 3rd 2nd
After Feel 1st  4th 3rd 2nd
Overall Rating 1st  4th 3rd 2nd

Consumer Preference Testing