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Why Use Plant-Based Skin Care Ingredients?

When I decided to make my new skincare line, botanical based, believe it or not, there was a method to the madness. Botanicals and plants are very powerful and very unique in the ingredients they offer. Mankind has used botanicals and plants for many years and there are a lot of success stories out there.

Many of today's most powerful ingredients were derived from plants. Plant-based skin care ingredients may also be more attractive to some people because of:

  1. It may be more suitable for their skin type. They may be a more gentle alternative to skin care synthesized in a cold unfeeling lab not made by Mother Earth. Please note though that not every natural ingredients is more gentle. In fact, some botanicals can be very irritating. Also some of the newest most powerful ingredients are not plant-based so I do not believe something should be 100% only plant-based without including some of the more powerful ingredients in a unique mixture.
  1. Many active skin care ingredients, such as retinol and hydroquinone, are off limits especially for pregnant or nursing women. 
  1. Those looking to steer clear of ingredients containing animal byproducts or those who are opposed to animal testing

Talk to your plastic surgeon or Skincare specialist and see what's a good fit for you. personally, I definitely want some botanical or plant-based skin care combined with the most cutting edge ingredients on the market. Why not have the best of both worlds?

Dr. Sam Speron