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Vita-CE/Ferulic Acid Clinical Study

Highly effective, super antioxidant formula delivers optimal levels of vitamins and antioxidant protection for maximum improvement to the skin’s tone, texture and firmness.

  • 8-Fold Increase in Collagen Synthesis
  • 8x Increase in Anti-Oxidant Protection from Free Radicals
  • 92% Reduction in Human Melanocytes Cells
  • 73% Reduction in Tyrosinase Activity
  • 63% Reduction in Wrinkle Depth

The Effect of Vita-CE with ferulic acid on Free Radical Protection

  • Repairs and protects skin cells eight times (8X) by giving-off electrons from its blend of powerful anti-oxidants, to stabilize and neutralize free radicals.

The Effect of Vita-CE with ferulic acid on the Prevention of Hyperpigmentation

  • Reduces human melanocytes by 92% and tyrosinase activity by 73%, by inhibiting the action of the tyrosinase enzyme, preventing the formation of melanin.

The Effect of Vita-CE with ferulic acid on the Inhibition of Wrinkle Development

  • Dramatically reduces wrinkle depth by 63% in 28 days. Inhibits the action of protein complexes responsible for the release of the neurotransmitters that strain facial muscles.