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The Emergence of Online Skin-care Prescriptions - Are They Safe? Worth It?

Our office offers private consultations seven days a week with our medical aestheticians including free skin exams. These can be accomplished in person or via zoom. We are here for you…

During the pandemic's worst, telehealth received a huge wake-up call. People needed to discover a means to get expert treatment from the comfort of their own homes. All sorts of specialties were affected from primary care physicians to dermatologists. Along with telemedicine, online skin-care prescription businesses like Curology, Ro Derm, and Apostrophe have increased their presence. It seems to be continuing even as the days of lockdown are behind us.

While experts believe that seeing your physician in person is the best option (and we agree!), the millions of individuals who have found success with these services are worth highlighting. We spoke with renowned doctors and leaders of some of the most well-known online prescription skin-care firms to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of this kind of dermatological treatment.

The pros of online skin-care prescription services

According to Dr Sam Speron in Chicago, IL, the most significant and undeniable benefit of online prescriptions is that they can assist in increasing access to treatment. Rochester, NY dermatologist Lesley Loss, MD agrees, "you may access a doctor online regardless of where you are," and "some give low prices for regularly used drugs for common diseases including acne and rosacea."

Whitney Tolpinrud, MD, a dermatologist in Palo Alto, CA, points out that one of the advantages of Curology is that consumers may get typically pricey skin treatment faster and at a lower cost. "Many hurdles to managing diverse skin problems have been lifted thanks to technological advancements. Furthermore, it can help many people with awareness, access, and cost reduction," adds Dr. Tolpinrud. She also mentions that these services "have significantly shortened the time it takes to see a dermatologist."

"Patients demand healthcare that is easy, accessible, and inexpensive," says Melynda Barnes, MD - Ro's chief medical officer. Patients can "speak to a physician about their skin issues from the comfort of their own home and obtain therapy from diagnosis through delivery without having to wait for weeks or months," she says.

The cons of online skin-care prescription services

Dr. Loss points out that not all of these websites advertise that they have board-certified dermatologists on staff, despite the fact that many do. Dr. Loss further points out that many of these services provide private label products (which are not covered by insurance and must be paid for out of pocket) can only be obtained via a dermatologist's prescription.

While Dr. Loss still advocates visiting a dermatologist in person, she acknowledges that these online prescription programs have certain advantages. Heidi Waldorf, MD, a dermatologist in Nanuet, New York, does not endorse utilizing the services. Dermatologists, she believes, have the purpose of caring for their patients, which may entail prescribing medicine from multiple firms, while online prescription companies have the goal of selling their goods.

Many of these platforms are aware of their limits. "Of course, the sorts of treatment offered through telehealth are limited," adds Dr. Barnes. "Ro Derm isn't a dermatologist's substitute, but it does use technology and clinical experience to provide accessible, inexpensive, and individualized skin-care."

Dr. Tolpinrud also points out the care gaps that these prescription services create. "We cannot safely detect or treat some skin disorders, including skin malignancies, at this moment." Dr. Tolpinrud adds, "We also can't do surgeries through telemedicine." "Injections, laser treatments, mole removals, and skin biopsies must all be performed by a dermatologist in person."

Why are they trending right now?

There seems to be a simple answer: telehealth was reinvigorated during and after the epidemic, enabling internet services to grow. Dr. Waldorf says they're popular since they're easy to go to and have a 100% success rate in acquiring a prescription. While dermatology wait times may be considerable, Dr. Loss thinks that patients are anxious to get started and resort to the most convenient alternative. When it comes to how quickly and securely we can get the medical treatment we need, we want the best. Dr. Barnes points out that "people have become used to utilizing telehealth and are now actively seeking it out."

Additionally, individuals are more inclined to take good care of their skin after spending hours on Zoom meetings starring at their own reflections. The rise in cosmetic surgery continues.

Our office offers private consultations seven days a week with our medical aestheticians including free skin exams. These can be accomplished in person or via zoom. We are here to help you…

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