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What is Jello Skin! How Can You Get a Jello Skin?

From dolphin skin to slugging, we've seen a variety of skin care trends find their way through TikTok. What's the most recent thing to capture our attention? Jello skin.

A TikTok user popularized the word, referring to the gelatin delicacy Jell-O, when her aesthetician informed her that her skin was so bouncy because of the amount of collagen it contained. Other TikTok viewers went to the comments area to learn how she got her skin to function so well.

Jello skin is the desirable condition of your skin after using skin care treatments. "Jello skin is essentially your skin at its healthiest — you want nice elastic, you want it to be firm, you don't want it to be loose," Dr. Michelle Henry, a board-certified dermatologist in New York City, said. "Having jello skin is an excellent indicator that the skin is rich in moisture, collagen, and elastin."

Can everyone get jello skin?

While everyone wants a lush and dewy complexion, experts say genetics, environmental variables, and the integrity of your skin barrier all play a role. If you have dry, sensitive, or inflammatory skin, it may be more difficult to achieve a plumped look since the skin's ability to absorb and keep moisture is compromised. The declining synthesis of collagen and elastin as we age might also affect whether you can get the jello skin look.

How do you get jello skin?

To achieve that condition, you must maintain a healthy skincare routine that includes the use of exfoliating and hydrating products.

"The jelly skin look may be caused by skin care treatments that all try to renew the skin and provide moisture to the surface," she said. Exfoliating using AHAs or salicylic acid, as well as applying substances like hyaluronic acid and peptides, will be beneficial.

Though jello skin requires a healthy quantity of collagen in your skin, Henry claims that since it is a huge molecule, your skin will not absorb it if administered topically, which is why she advises administering collagen peptides, which can be absorbed more readily by the skin.

Doctor-approved products for getting Jello skin

If you want to attempt to get the jello-skin appearance or just have a plumper, dewier complexion, these are a few products that can help you.


According to Dr. Speron, an exfoliant will remove dead skin cells and sebum, which aids in skin rejuvenation. This product, like the jello skin craze, is also trending.


Dr. Sam Speron, a Plastic Surgeon in Chicago, IL, suggests using this moisturizer if you want to enhance your face without leaving it oily or sticky. "The collagen peptide promotes collagen formation, while niacinamide helps to retain moisture and soothe the skin," she said.


According to Dr. Speron, the Clear Defense SPF 45 has two functions. According to him, it will help you obtain jello skin and protect your skin from UV exposure, which adds to collagen loss. Another advantage is that it contains moisturizing hyaluronic acid.


"Vitamin C is the holy grail component in skin care since it not only brightens skin and prevents hyperpigmentation and dark spots, but it also helps expedite collagen formation and enhances suppleness," Dr. Speron explains. "These advantages may be obtained by using our Radiant C Cream, which is prepared with five forms of vitamin C (dual encapsulated for gentle but efficient delivery) and guava extract, which is high in natural vitamin C."


Dr. Speron also suggests using this serum with a moisturizer to help plump and reduce wrinkles on your face. He claims it is simple to use and may be used twice a day.