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CapillusPlus Laser Cap for Growing Hair - THINNING HAIR LOSS TREATMENT

CapillusPlus Laser Cap for Growing Hair

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1.8x Greater Scalp Coverage as Compared to the CapillusPlus

If you have a hereditary hair loss that runs in your family then CapillusPlus-laser cap for growing hair might be the perfect solution to put an end to it or may help to slow down the rate of progression of hair loss.

CapillusPlus has laser diodes of 272 medical-grade and a total output energy of 1010mW which is 1.8 times more as compared to the CapillusOne lasers and it also features superior and powerful coverage of scalp. The significant difference between our Capillus caps range is scalp coverage area and the total output energy that describes the laser density. Laser density corresponds to the density of expected positive results as with more lasers per inch of your scalp you will achieve superior and explicit results. It is our mid-range budget device.

The CapillusPlus-laser cap for growing hair is a clinically-proven technology recommended by our top physicians to help you repair and strengthen your thin hair due to the family genes (alopecia) and to stop the hair loss progression. It is an FDA approved, battery powered laser therapy device. It is now featured in its most premium design of flexible fitting that makes it easy to wear and more comfortable than ever before.

CapillusPlus- Laser Cap for Growing Hair
Directions For Use Laser Cap for Growing Hair: 

Wear under a sports cap for only 6 minutes a day to harness the maximum results. It can be used along with the provided hat or with your preferred one. It works by providing laser treatment therapy to hair follicles in your scalp to help repair and strengthen your thin hair and stop the hair loss whether you are on the go or at your home without undergoing any medications, surgeries and harmful side effects. It is well suited for both males and females.

CapillusPlus can reduce the rate of progression of hair loss and restore the thin hair if one starts the treatment at the early stages of the hair loss progression.

Utilize our laser caps standalone or with combination therapy

Before & after transplant surgery
Maintain native hairs, improve graft survival, and shorten recovery time post-surgery.

With PRP and other regenerative treatments
Improve and maintain results long-term post-treatment.

With Pharmacology
Combine with minoxidil, finasteride, and other medications for increased treatment potency.



Build Quality & Warranty

The CapillusPlus is USA assembled under the medical device industry standards (ISO13485) and it comes with a manufacturer warranty of 1-year. All types of our support and warranty claim management services are from our Miami based headquarters.

With each CapillusPlus purchase you will get a lightweight travelling case, lithium-ion battery pack, AC universal adapter and accessories pouch.

Expected Results

Do keep in mind that CapillusPlus-laser cap for growing hair Therapy results will never be visible within a night because it takes time for the hair follicles to gain health and let new hair strands grow on the skin. Therefore, we suggest you take pictures of your scalp before beginning the treatment as the reference and to take pictures on a periodical basis while using the product to effectively compare the results and have a personal record.

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