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Needle Free Serum Clinical Study

Biological activity

Production of total collagen, collagens I and III (ex vivo tests)

The action of Needle Free Serum on total collagen production was evaluated on skin explants from a 74 years old donor. Skin explants were either untreated or treated with 0.5% of NF-13 Complex at day 0, day 1, day 4, day 6 and day 8. Explants were then sampled and analyzed at day 0, day 6 and day 11. Total collagen was detected with staining assessed by microscopical observation and image analysis.

After studying the total collagen, two different types of collagens were quantitatively evaluated by immunostaining: collagen I (in green fluorescent), and collagen III (in dark rose), also known as the youth collagen.

Results: NF-13 Complex at 0.5% significantly increases collagen I and collagen III synthesis by +179% and +194% respectively after 11 days, versus untreated. Upon aging, the ratio of collagen I / collagen III is increased. With Neodermyl® at 0.5%, this ratio is decreased to the level of a younger skin: it moves from 0.82 to 0.55.

Production of elastin (ex vivo tests)

The action of NF-13 Complex on tropoelastin and elastin production was evaluated by following the same protocol as for collagen I and III. Tropoelastin (in green fluorescent) and elastin (in green fluorescent) were detected by immunostaining assessed by microscopical observation and image analysis.

Results: NF-13 Complex significantly increases tropoelastin and elastin production by +57% and +190% respectively after 11 days, versus untreated.


Fast improvement of firmness and elasticity (clinical)

The two parameters R0 and R5 were measured by Cutometry to evaluate the performance of NF-13 Complex at 1% on firmness and elasticity.

Results: Using NF-13 Complex at 1% increases firmness by 13 times and elasticity by 1.6 times in only 15 days. These improvements of skin parameters are sustained after two months of treatment.