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  • What is the number one secret to more youthful looking skin?
  • I truly believe that the number one secret to more youthful looking skin is a combination of factors that all relate to just being a healthy person overall. I think lifestyle is very important so eating right, working out, using sunblock, not using tanning beds, getting enough sleep and having a natural daily skincare regime will all definitely pay off in the long run.  

  • What is the best way to treat and prevent wrinkles?
  • Preventing wrinkles starts with a good skincare regime and healthy lifestyle, as well as avoiding too much sun. There is any number of safe, effective options to treat wrinkles -  from a good skincare regimen to all sorts of cosmetic interventions ranging from Botox, fillers, laser treatments and of course, sometimes even surgery.

  • Can I ever cure my acne?
  • The simple answer is yes. Acne is caused by many different things, but the newest literature suggests that it is mostly an infection. A good skincare regimen can definitely help to restore the proper balance between the many types of different skin bacteria.  Propionibacterium Acne is usually the biggest culprit.  It is very important to be patient with your acne. However, usually within 2 to 12 weeks, it is very possible to control and eventually cure your acne. This does not mean you will never get another pimple for the rest of your life, but you can definitely notice a difference.

  • What can I do to treat sun damage?
  • There are many different signs of sun damage that we see clinically. Again, the options range from a good effective skincare line to laser treatments. It really depends on what type of sun damage your skin has sustained in the past and is continuing to encounter on a daily basis.

  • Does diet make a difference to our skin and if so are there problem foods we should avoid?
  • Eating a healthy well balanced diet does help improve your skin health. The most common foods to avoid are of course the ones that we love the most – fried greasy foods, high sugar calories and processed food that is high in salt content as well as many of the unsafe chemicals that increase their shelf life.

  • Why should I choose Dr. Speron’s Natural Skin Care over a more mainstream/supermarket brand?
  • The simplest reason is because of the unique blend of the highest quality ingredients and the fact we are combining science and technology like no one else has ever before! If you research all the best ingredients for skincare on the market today from hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamins, natural herbal ingredients – we pretty much have all of these in every product of our skincare line.  The way I developed each product is simple. I basically put everything in there that I could find or develop that is beneficial for your skin cells.  I then made it as natural as possible while being as strong as it can be.  The result is a skin care line that it is as gentle as it can be, but much more effective than the other organic products available today.

  • Do your products contain real oxygen?
  • Our products contain oxygenated purified water. Of course, this does not mean that our products put oxygen systemically into the body, only into the skin cells.

  • What exactly are free radicals?
  • Free radicals are the molecules responsible for ageing and tissue damage. They are unstable molecules with an uneven number of electrons, so they look to bond with other molecules and harm them in the process. Antioxidants counteract the process by feeding the free radicals and preventing them from spreading.  Our skin care products have almost every anti-oxidant known today in them.

  • I have oily skin, should I be moisturizing?
  • Most of the ways to improve overly oily skin can actually hurt the skin by drying it out too much. There should be ingredients within the skincare products that do not overly dry out oily skin and in fact should also moisturize it. There's a critical balance that must be achieved to treat but not irritate oily skin.

  • Can you look years younger without resorting to surgery?
  • Looking younger is possible through a wide variety of options. Surgery is not always necessary. Among the many options are skincare, aesthetician services, laser treatments, injections, etc. The list goes on and on.

  • What results can I expect to see by using your products?
  • When patients start using Dr. Speron's Natural Skincare Products, usually they notice that their skin feels better right away. Remember, however, that a skin cycle is six weeks. This means in the first six weeks you're getting rid of old skin cells. It is not uncommon during this time to notice a little more redness, a little more irritation, occasional acne etc. The next six weeks are when new skin cells come into the picture while the old ones die off and are removed. In yet another six weeks time, that is truly when a balance is achieved and you notice the full benefits of the skincare line. Altogether, this means it takes about 18 weeks to see the full benefits of any skincare line, including ours. 

  • Can I use Dr Speron’s Natural Skin Care during my pregnancy?
  • Yes, our skincare line can be used in pregnancy. There are no harmful ingredients that have ever been proven to cause birth defects in our products. However, pregnant skin is more sensitive so allergic reactions or rashes are a remote possibility. This is not common because our line is hypoallergenic and fragrance free; but if this occurs, simply discontinuing the product is usually all that is necessary.

  • Should I really cleanse, tone and moisturize every day?
  • Yes, cleansing and toning your skin daily is recommended. Moisturizing is also usually recommended but sometimes in the summertime when it is hotter and more humid, you can skip the moisturizer occasionally. In the wintertime your skin is drier and usually moisturizing is needed more frequently.  Taking multiple showers or using harsh ingredients may require that you need to moisturize more frequently.

  • Are your anti-aging products as good as having Botox?
  • Antiaging skincare products work in a different method than Botox injections. One of our products, the anti-aging eye cream, does have neuropeptides in it. These neuropeptides work in a similar manner as Botox injections to relax the muscles around the eye. So in essence, this eye cream is like getting Botox injections. Additionally, with all the other ingredients we put in it, it is probably the most effective anti-aging eye cream available in the world today. Please note however that I do not want anyone thinking our eye cream will result inas dramatic a difference as actual Botox injections. A topical skin care eye cream is still not as potent as injecting Botox into the muscles around the eye.

  • Is wearing makeup bad for my skin?
  • Yes, makeup can be very bad for your skin. This is especially true if it is not high-quality make up. I always recommend patients use as little makeup as possible and to always remove it completely before going to bed at night. This is yet another reason why cleansing every day is very important to make sure to remove any makeup, dirt and oils from your skin.

  • How do I cleanse and tone my skin effectively?
  • The best way to cleanse and tone your skin effectively is to actually do it at least once a day using a high quality cleanser and toner. With an excessive work out or especially in the summer months, sometimes you need to do this twice a day (especially if you have oily skin to begin with).

  • How should I store your products?
  • Room temperature and somewhere safe is best. You should not let any small children have access to the products. You should also avoid excessive sun exposure and extremes of temperature.

  • Can I use Dr. Speron’s Natural Skin Care with other prescription skin care products?
  • Yes they can be used with other prescription skincare products like Retin-A. It is important however to make sure that you know what prescription medications you are using. Always ask the physician that prescribed that skin treatment to be safe.  You can also always feel free to email or contact us.

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